Hello! I’m Ángel, I’m 20 years old and I’m a Computer Engineering student. I consider myself ambitious and very hard-working. I am very interested in Artificial Intelligence, but I am always open to learning anything new.


  • CSS, HTML, JS basic level
  • C++ intermediate level
  • Very basic Java, Ruby, Python
  • Basic PHP, Twig, Symfony
  • Basic-intermediate level Linux server management
  • Some Docker, Proxmox skills


I have done some open source projects:


UniOpinions is an online platform designed to write/read opinions about professors and university subjects. It was my project for Aircury’s Summer of Code program in 2023.


Frontend of the Gulag Cleaner website

Gulag Cleaner is a website that allows you to remove advertising from student notes. These ads are embedded in certain platforms for uploading/downloading notes, especially in Spain. Frontend made with tailwind css, javascript and html.


Gulag Cleaner Extension

Gulag Cleaner Extension provides the same functionality as the web version in the form of a Google Chrome extension.



PaywallHub is a simple idea. There are websites that allow you to bypass the paywall of newspapers/magazines, however sometimes it works in some and not in others. PaywallHub does what its name suggests, it simply joins them together to more easily test which of them has the content available for free viewing. I have also made extensions for Chrome and Firefox for more comfortable and direct use.

Web repository:

Chrome extension repository:

Firefox addon repository:

This website! has also been a great project to which I have dedicated a lot of time and I continue to do so, writing about things that I find useful, interesting, and trying to teach how to do them.